Risk Management Servcies

Risk Management Services

  • Client Exposure Analysis

    Our consultants understand that you know your business best and our objective is to assist you in developing a Risk Management Program that meets your business needs. Our consultants have experience in many different industries and with your input; we assess and quantify your significant financial loss exposures.
    We review your first party, third party, domestic and international exposures. We will conduct a feasibility study that incorporates your historical loss and exposure experience by line of coverage and project future claims activity based upon your planned growth and subject to any potential changes in your operations going forward.

  • Loss Control Program

    We listen to our clients and can offer multiple loss control specialist with the main goal to compliment your current safety program. Our objective is to work with you to assure your safety program is specific to your needs, measurable and produces the desired results. Our consultants have the ability to utilize our insurance partner loss control services or third party loss control partners, depending on our client’s needs. Our loss control partners utilize the latest technology which provides our clients with access to immediate on-line reports, identifying safety solutions quicker and resulting in reduced frequency and severity loss potential. After a thorough review of your current safety program, our consultants will work with your risk management team to incorporate any changes that may improve your existing program.

  • Claims Management Program

    As our client’s risk assumption expands, their need increases to be more proactive in claims management. Similar to developing a unique loss control program, our consultants realize the need to customize a unique claims management program to meet the objectives of our clients. Many of our insurance partners offer specialized industry claims management programs along with the option of utilizing a Third Party Claims Administrator. We have access to multiple Third Party Claim Administrators, depending on your needs. The ability to customize your claims needs, including managed care utilization can be a significant driver to reduce your overall costs. All of our claims management vendors offer easy access to your claims information in order to measure the effectiveness of the claims management program.

  • Risk Profile

    One of our most important objectives as your advisor is to work closely with your Team in creating your Risk Profile. After a thorough review of your exposures and discussion involving your risk tolerance levels, we will offer several options that meet your coverage, risk assumption, loss control and claims services objectives.